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Get ready to meet your new, exquisitely sculpted body—complete with the strength, confidence and grace that will transform you into the principal dancer of your own life's ballet.

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A Barre Studio In Your Living Room

With over 125 stylish workouts available on-demand, you'll be in good hands while you stay safe at home. Take it from one of our subscribers (and a former ballet dancer) Emily Thiessen: "The variety and lengths of workouts are perfect, especially when I only have a few minutes between homeschooling my kids! The cueing skills of all the instructors are really terrific. And it's fun to see everyone's individual personalities shine through! Honestly...I've tried ALL the barre streaming services, and you can't do better than Ballet Physique!"
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You deserve intelligent barre exercise.

Wherever you're at on your fitness journey, we are prepared to offer you a safe and effective experience. Technique is our passion, so we've made sure that every video features cues, guidance, and modifications that will give you confidence in your form—and help you build an iconic, gracefully sculpted body.

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Enjoy a blend of accelerated workouts and full-length studio classes.


Learn from professional, ballet-trained teachers (who really know their stuff)

But you don't need to be a ballerina to have a sculpted, graceful body.
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What Our Students Are Saying.

Benefits that go beyond.

Life changing! If you want to keep your back aligned without going to the chiropractor every week, keep your muscles strong and free up some time on your calendar from physical therapy appointments, then this studio is for you.


I've had 4 c-sections in the last 7 years. After my last baby, my healing is different and these workouts are EXACTLY what I need to strengthen my core and improve my posture! My body LOVES these workouts!


Finding The Ballet Physique was the best thing that ever happened to me. It transforms your body and helps strengthen your mind...I drink my coffee, put my hair up in a bun and tell myself I can do this! And so can you!!!


I get a truly vigorous workout every time. Give The Ballet Physique a try and I guarantee you will keep coming back for more after you see and feel the reward when you put on those pair of jeans you want to look hot in.


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